The importance of Visual Merchandising in Jewellery

Visual Merchandising, when carried out successfully, will be your most effective marketing tool to attract customers to your retail space and maximise your sales potential. Displaying your stock in a way that complements each and every individual item, allows you to categorise your products into brands and collections. Creating a thoughtful display in this way ensures a seamless experience for customers, enabling them to shop with ease. Moreover, it can significantly help to increase brand awareness, of both your brand and the brands you sell, whilst differentiating yourself from the competition to establish a strong market position. 

Why Is This So Important for Jewellers?

The importance of captivating customers with quality in-store experiences is rapidly increasing, especially for jewellers. Buying jewellery is often aspired to be a luxurious experience and so by immersing your customers in a seamless journey from start to finish in this way, will allow you to be able to masterfully connect to your customers’ emotions and aspirations. Therefore, if you invest in your visual merchandising, you will not only be able to capture your customer’s attention and increase brand awareness, but also ultimately boost sales and create higher rates of returning customers. Its clear to see that by displaying your jewellery in its optimal setting, it practically sells itself, making it one of the most important sales tools for your business to implement and benefit from! 

The most important consideration when deciding on your visual merchandising is to stay on brand, as it is crucial to tailor your displays to the brands on offer, as well as utilising the merchandising techniques that best suit your customer base. By understanding your niche and catering to their needs, you will be able to use your displays to tell a story which invoke their customer buying emotions and aspirations, helping you to set your business apart from the competition. You want to ensure you are putting the time into designing a creative display for your jewellery which will attract not just people, but the right people! However, your target audience won’t include everyone who shops with you, so also be mindful of not going so specific that you end up alienating other potential customers, it’s all about balance.

Should You Invest in Your Window Displays?

As one of your greatest selling tools, window displays are a customer’s first impression and form your entire identity as a brand and retail space. Window displays can therefore heavily affect your market position and is often the deciding factor on whether or not a customer decides to show interest and enter your showroom or not.

Not only can window displays create an appearance of grandeur through impeccable presentation, they also reduce confusion for both your customers and your sales staff. In more detail, it can often be difficult for customers to communicate which item of jewellery they are requesting and for sales staff to locate the items due to the volume of pieces and the way they are placed on display. During these occasions, members of staff are often required to step outside of the retail space so the customer can point out their desired item - not only can this look unprofessional, but it also poses a high security risk. Through our merchandising solutions, we create a lean approach to jewellery retailers, providing every item the space and layout needed to be shown in their optimal condition. This empowers your sales staff to know exactly where each piece can be located, not only increasing the quality of time spent with the customer, but also the potential to make a sale as it demonstrates a professional knowledge of the product and brand. The emphasis here really lies on knowing what, where and how you are selling your pieces!

Creating an Interesting and Eye-Catching Window Display

A simple way to create an interesting and captivating window display is to choose a theme. For example, seasonal themes, whether it be Halloween, Christmas, Winter, Spring or even by tying it into a local event, can be a simple way to create attention-grabbing and popular displays. This will allow you to tell a story that take your customers on a journey, tuning into their emotions and converting them into meaningful experiences and ultimately sales. Whatever theme you decide to pick, be bold, as you want your display to be eye-catching, even from a distance! 
Another top tip is to ensure your window display is balanced. For example, if there are light and dark items, then start the display at the bottom with the darker items, getting gradually lighter with height, to ensure the display is not top heavy. When you feel happy that you have created the ideal window display, try to then approach it as a customer would. Ask yourself, does the theme follow through? Is there a story? Is it bold? Is it creative? Is it balanced? 
Once you are satisfied your criteria are met, it is time to test your display and begin to collect observational customer data. Through trial and error you will be able to conduct ongoing research into various display factors whilst analysing your data, allowing you to find out which themes, stories, colours and layouts were most successful and therefore should continue to be used. Successful visuals will be cemented in your audience’s minds and will convert to increased footfall and sales, demonstrating what an effective marketing tool visual merchandising is. 

Give Your Jewellery the WOW Factor

Cleverly crafting your merchandising to engage and immerse customers in the shopping experience will result in delivering the WOW factor, helping you to leave a lasting impression and maximise the efficiencies of your retail space. Through ensuring your product catalogue flows and is categorised efficiently into brands, with the ability to highlight individual products, customers will enjoy a clear and positive shopping experience which will result in repeat visits. Visual Merchandising is therefore a fundamental factor in being able to successfully capture your customer’s attention, market and ultimately increase sales volumes of your jewellery. 

If you would like to discuss how we can help you to create a seamless customer experience and maximise your sales and potential of your retail space through Visual Merchandising, please get in touch here. To stay up-to-date with all our latest projects and exciting content, follow us on our social channels at Facebook, Instagram and Twitter

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