Parify Group and VM and Events LTD working together to enhance your customer experience

Two of the UK’s premier retail specialists, Parify Group and VM and Events LTD are collaborating to offer retailers a complete package when it comes to refurbishments and projects to the UK jewellery sector. Experts in innovation, they are both the choice of independent jewellers and industry leaders alike, and have worked with some of the world’s largest jewellers in hundreds of outlets.

Both companies have built a reputation for their expertise, award-winning quality and excellent service, which has secured partnerships with the industry’s top organisations and buying groups. Every day, their work showcases pieces from Michael Jones, Laings , Jamieson &Carry , Robert Gatward, Hugh Rice, Pragnell, Fope , Harrington and Hallworth, Bentley and Skinner, Mococo, Chisholm Hunter, John H Lunn, Berry’s , Weirs and many more of Britain’s most popular high street stores and luxury brands.

Successful jewellery retail outlets plan everything around the customer journey and both companies have the expertise , knowledge and over 30 yrs experience within the jewellery sector to proudly offer their services in every element – from the window to the till - to encourage consumers to invest emotionally and financially. A store re-fit or fresh window creative can have transformative results for product collections and deliver a multitude of benefits that take a shop interior to a new level and translate to real business growth.

Their knowledge and understanding of creating stunning retail environments is used to enhance each customer’s experience, and can help guide them towards merchandise.
An enticing frontage and an attractive and comfortable shop floor ambience creates an ideal sales environment that enhances a brand and improves the customer journey.
Creating specific zones within a store that highlight displays and areas with functions, such as private consultations matched with a brand image, and stunning, unique backdrops for collections.

Engage with your customers
Lighting and Visual Merchandising impacts how customers feel and how they think about a product, and plays a significant role in purchasing decisions. Direct your customers’ attention towards selected products with areas of high contrast, and by using precise positioning, layered and accent lighting and a creative visual theme.Guide customers around your store by optimising your layout and incorporating flexible lighting features and creative visual merchandising. Match lighting styles and grouping products together within your displays to boost cross-selling.

Increase your sales & profits
An engaging retail environment with the right atmosphere sells products! Many of their joint customers consistently report sales increases of 30% or higher in the months following an installation. Emphasise and exaggerate the smallest details in your pieces and evoke emotions with high fidelity and high contrast lighting. Use visual merchandising and targeted lighting to highlight hero items, new merchandise and special offers. Control and adapt your window and store lighting throughout the day to ensure customers remain comfortable.
This collaboration of both the Parify Group and VM and Events LTD is the perfect partnership.Let these market leaders enter your world and together they will transform your retail environment.

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